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Stickers / GSTICK TM - Pro

GSTICK™ PRO is a range of NFC stickers which warrant the instant access to the desired service, when approaching your NFC smartphone. Split in two categories, they cover nearly any possible environmental constrains. Backed by 15years expertise with this technology, GSTAG’s NFC specialists will advise you about which product is the most adapted to your need, personalization & implementation, in order to ease field deployment.

Permanent stickers

Using strong adhesives, they are however adapted to furnitures and indoor surfaces ( including metallic ones), these stickers allow a lot of different finishings & advance options such as : color printing, photoluminescent, sparkling inks, soft-touch, doming, …). They can embed one or several NFC/RFID zones of various sizes.

Les stickers repositionnables

3 types of repositionning tags are offered, dedicated to flat surfaces :
  • Adhesive (limited nb of repositioning)
  • Micro succion (no adhesive)
  • Magnetic

Outdoor stickers

Resistant to UV light, climate constrains and usual chemicals, the structure and the selected set of materials used also seriously complicate the pullout. Often dedicated to well defined places, the formats of the stickers and its compatibility with metallic surface are studied on demand. Of course, the whole set of GSTAG graphical & electrical personalisation is available for this product.

Single & double sided windows stickers

Dedicated to permanent/semi-permanent advertising, they can be applied onto widows and other transparent material to transmit optical information & NFC/RFID.

A metal-compatibility option is also available.

Single sided :
With a visible or embedded NFC/RFID tag, our windows labels are resistant to UV and classic windows cleaning chemicals. Life-time within 2 to 5 years, depending on selected options.

Double sided :
Attractive they allow to access the information/service from front or rear face. Unique or Variable personalisation (graphics, QR, QR+, Bar code…) available independently for both sides.