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Contactless Wristbands

GSTAG offers a line of contactless wristbands, dedicated to different applications (swimming pool, event, sport clubs, enterprise, amusement parcs…)

Several technologies are available in multiple formats :

  • MIFARE® (MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE® Classic EV1, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE® UL-C, MIFARE DESFire®)
  • ISO15693
  • NFC Forum Type 2 & Type4 (NTAG 210, NTA213, MIFARE DESFire®, …)


Auto-adjusted silicon wristbands

Resistant and simple to use, they are hypoallergenicand available in multiple fitting sizes:
  • Child
  • Adult male
  • Adult females
  • Adult universal (fitting most of male & female wrist sizes)

6 colors available:
Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Green, Orange.

Silicon watch shaped wristbands

Hypoallergenic and ajustable to any size of wrist, they are also compatible with most common dispensers.

6 Colors available:
Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Green, Orange.

  • Logo printing (up to 2 colors)
  • Electrical personalisation

Event wristbands

Based on GSTAG WildTHINGSTM technology, these wristbands are made on demand :

  • 4C single/double sided HD printing (Unique &/or variable)
  • Shapes on demand
  • Nylon band
  • Multiple or unique fit mechanism

  • Personalised nylon band
  • Electrical personnalisation
  • Fulfillment

Single use wristbands

Ideal for temporary applications, these PVC wristbands can be adjusted to any wrist diameters. They are water proof, and locked by a one-time-clip mechanism. Just cut it to remove.
Contact us for colours.

  • Customized text/ logo printing.