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Smart Objects

Take control
Why should you keep the same shapes made available to everyone, including your competitors ? Take control now with WildTHINGSTM and beyond the customized graphics of your NFC/RFID object, beyond its personalisation, get it in your own shape/form factor on demand.
The Indoor & Outdoor reference
100% NFC interoperable. Any formats, any finishing, indoor or outdoor, any kind of material including HD variable graphics (QR, Numbers,…). GSTAG Stickers embed the set of technology you need (NFC, RFID, Beacon, sensors…)
Sport, Event, Amusement
Either dedicated to single or multiple usage, our product-line includes a selection of devices with a full set of customization. Our wristbands will bring you a lot of convenience and advantages in applications where the card format isn’t ideal (swimming pool, festivals, gym, amusement parks, events…)