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Simple, Creative, Low-cost
Ideal for any application where the object itself and the image it represents are more important than the intrinsic function or security. GSTAG offers a wide range of printing, innovative finishing and services.
Classic, Interoperable, Essential
Still widely used in the payment, loyalty and strong authentication (PKI), contact smartcard is a global standard of the industry for many years.
Intuitive, flexible, Innovative
Available with different operating frequencies (LF, HF, UHF), contactless smartcards reveal their full potential in HF, where the technology perfectly bridges the physical & the digital worlds. Contactless smartcards now also enhance the user experiences in new areas (e.g. loyalty, events …), offering a convenience and...
Multipurpose, Technology Transitions, High Security
Our excellence in tailored cards manufacturing can’t find better example than Hybrid Smarcards production. GSTAG offers you the possibility to combine multiple passive technologies on one single card (magstripe, 125kHz, 13.56MHz, NFC, UHF, contact, etc…), and personalize & link each of them.