GSTAG generalizes its HSP® process and revolutionizes mass variable graphic personalization.

Presented in preview to a few privileged at the end of 2015, HSP®- the process of high definition structural personalization developed by GSTAG has immediately seduced and showed its  terrible efficiency, becoming, in a couple of months, the reference and a growing requirement from clients and users.

By HSP®, understand:  integration of variable data, color graphics, in the center of laminated cards and objects (PVC, PET, PC). The benefits from the use of the process are huge.

In fact, not only the HD color rendering is amazing (up to 3600 dpi), but the process treats also in dynamic every information like a variable data. It also includes the artworks/ layouts of the cards, whether it is linked or not with a technology information (e.g. contactless HEX/DEC CSN, cryptogram, UID as Barcode/QRCode ...).

In a few months, the system was deployed over300 000 collaborators, spread over ~400 sites worldwide (hospitals, colleges, banks, collectivities, large companies…) and the demand continues to grow. The reason for such a general craze for HSP is very simple for whoever has experimented the limited performances of the current card to card personalization technics.

With HSP®, GSTAG marks the end of the MOQ by series of visuals, the end of the storage of preprinted cards awaiting variable personalization, end of prohibitive leadtimes, and the end of prohibited zones for personalization, while offering in the same time incomparable strength, increased security and a lower cost product.