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Founded in 1996, GSTAG (Global Service Tag) is a French manufacturer of multi-technologies cards (magstripe, contact, contactless, hybrid, dual interface…) and secured smart-objects.

Based in Gémenos (Fr), the heart of the Smart Card Valley, the company relies on very strong competencies, in Printing, Semiconductors, NFC, Security, RFID and many more…

Service provider with a complete industrial process, GSTAG integrates all the stages of design, manufacturing and fulfillment of your products: study, materials, printing, production, embedding, personalization, fulfillment, POS advertising an custom packaging.

GSTAG offers a yearly production capacity of 45 mio. Units (cards & secure objects), while being particularly known for its unsurpassed reactivity & ability to meet customers’ products & specific services requirement, even on small & mid-size series.
The company will support your needs in a wide range of applications such as : NFC & Internet of Things, Authentication & Access, Leisure & Events, Loyalty, Payment & Multi-Services, Gaming.

Discover our panel of technical capabilities & services and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.